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Joost Hoogendoorn (1981)
Freelance IT / Software Developer


Utrecht area (NL)
15+ years
Hourly rate
€75 ex VAT

Software Engineering skills

Objective-C**** PHP*** Swift** Python** NodeJS** jQuery*** HTML/CSS**** Java** Bash**** C** Git***

System Engineering skills

Linux**** Windows Server**** Virtualization*** Automation**** Versioning*** Scripting**** Databases*** DNS**** VPN**** Firewalling**** Monitoring*** Logging***


About me

Two decades of IT experience in many different areas, from Windows & Linux server & network administration to frontend/backend web development to mobile and desktop app/software development.

I have built and run a webhosting and a VPN service (Joostwebhost & WifiMask VPN), which included developing the infrastructure, website and iOS & macOS apps with a strong focus on security.

I have an agile mindset - Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Besides working on longer term development projects I like to spend my free time cycling, reading, playing the guitar and piano or work on my car to keep it on the road.

Relevant experience

Different clients
Different locations
Full time / Part time
September 2015 – Present

Projects as a freelancer:
• Implementation of account configuration, CardDAV based contact synchronisation and rebranding of a Linphone based VoIP app (iOS & Android) for a Dutch VoIP provider.
• Investigate and solve a reconnecting bug in a VPN app (iOS & macOS) for a Dutch non-profit organisation
• Web development for several clients based on TailwindCSS, Javascript and PHP.
• Bitcoin Lightning Network node installation, management & support.

Founder & owner
WifiMask VPN
Utrecht area
Full time
January 2015 - Present

WifiMask VPN is a fast VPN, ad/malware blocker and SmartDNS in one.

Creating WifiMask VPN involved designing, building, securing & maintaining the Linux server based infrastructure, iOS & macOS app development, front-end & back-end web development.

Through building WifiMask VPN I obtained in-depth knowledge of many different technologies including cryptography, app development, security, fire-walling, load-balancing/failover, automation, monitoring, alerting, logging, webservers, databases, networking and frontend & backend web development.

Founder & owner
Utrecht area
Full time
May 2009 – Present

Joostwebhost sells webhosting, email hosting & domainnames.

Over the years I've implemented many different technologies to keep the customers websites online and fast at all times.
I've gained a lot of experience with webservers, databases, caching, automation, migrations, monitoring, alerting, logging, web development, cryptography, networking, fire-walling, security and load-balancing/failover.

System Engineer
Full time
December 2011 – September 2015

CloudVPS is a leading cloud provider in the Netherlands with a focus on Linux & Windows VPS servers.

I was employee #12, which means I got and took lots of opportunities and responsibilities, I've experienced an exponential learning curve and it was a great stepping stone to starting my own business.

I was tasked with building, maintaining and supporting Linux and Windows server & network configurations and got familiar with many different technologies including virtualization, load-balancing/failover, monitoring, alerting, logging, firewalling, security, webservers, databases, networking, hardware & datacenter infrastructure.

At the end of this invaluable experience I decided it was time for me to take the leap, follow my dream of building my own businesses and work full-time on WifiMask VPN and Joostwebhost, while taking on ocassional freelance assignments.

Support / System Engineer
Different locations
Full time
February 2007 – November 2011

Through Sogeti I was subcontracted to several clients from a wide range of industries. I got to experience many different technologies within many different environments & teams and took on helpdesk support, test engineering and system administrator roles.